After the intense backlash over her original article where she boasts about how good looking she is and how so many women are jealous of her, Samantha Brick sang a different tune on the Today show this morning. When Ann Curry asked her if she was actually serious in what she had written, Brick responded that her piece had been “massively misconstrued,” and she doesn’t think she’s the cat’s meow after all.

According to Brick her reason for writing the 1200 word first person essay that immediately had her hated by millions was to, as she’s claiming now, “trigger a debate.” If she wanted to “trigger” anything she probably should have stuck to the facts (yes, sometimes beautiful women are hated by other women), instead of gloating about how fabulous her champagne-drenched life is. But I guess when your shit doesn’t stink (I hate that phrase, but it stays), you probably do want to announce it to the whole world, and that’s exactly what Brick did making her Enemy #1 in a lot of people’s minds.

However instead of sticking to her guns, Brick is dismissing most of it. All of sudden she isn’t the prettiest girl in the room and she actually has a bunch of female friends who, get this, like her! The bit about the free champagne on the plane? Well, it only happened once, OK? And maybe, just maybe, her bar tab isn’t picked up as often as she originally wanted us to believe. Hells bells! Sam is a just a normal gal like the rest of us! She’s not an arrogant asshole after all! Look at her with all her friends and invitations to weddings and parties!

You may thinks it’s so easy to go back and fix the past, Sam, but it’s not! This is the age of the Internet; this shit stays — you can’t just burn it up like the good old days when paper was paper and computers were something you read about in sci-fi novels. It’s forever, Sammy. It’s a scary thought, but it’s the truth and you can’t backtrack now. If you firmly believe you’re the hottest thing out there (even if you do live in a community of retirees and that’s your point of comparison), then go with it. The world will eventually forgive you for being an arrogant asshole, but once you toss liar in there, you reach a whole new level.

What do we think about this woman? Was she full of it the first time around or is she full of it now just to save face and put an end to all the hate emails she’s been receiving?

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