It’s the official launch of the holiday season with Thanksgiving. And we know what that means. Nope, not lots of turkey. It means that people are going to be looking for festive beauty ideas. Candy cane liner is already starting to fill out Insta feeds and now Santa hat eyebrows are blowing up online.

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Bold brow trends have been huge this year with everything from foil brows to ponytail brows going viral. As part of the trend, we’ve seen some interesting themed looks including flower brows for spring and the creepy-cool McDonalds arches for Halloween. For the holidays, we have Santa hat brows.

The Santa hat eyebrow trend has people decorating their eyebrows with Santa hats in all different forms. We’ve seen people turn their entire eyebrow into an abstract Santa hat while others prefer to draw little hats “sitting” on top of their arches. There are others who have gotten creative and put the Santa hat in the middle of their brows.

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The makeup products vary depending on the look, but the majority of looks stick with a red and white color palette. Some prefer to use eyeliner to create the look while others use face paint or eyeshadow. Some people even go 3D and add actual fur trim or cotton balls to the look so their brows will look like tiny Santa hats.

You might not be a fan of wearing hats on your head, but the Santa hat brow trend will hopefully bring you some festive cheer.