Sarah Hyland makeup hair 2015 SAG Awards

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Though the Screen Actors Guild Awards saw many gorgeous looks and some fairly awful ones, but one thing I noticed throughout the night was how wonderful most guests’ makeup was. For example, while her Vera Wang dress wasn’t our favoriteModern Family star Sarah Hyland looked beautiful with a glowing complexion, simple eye makeup, and expertly defined brows–a makeup style that was totally in contrast to the heavy contouring and overdone eyeshadow she’s been donning on red carpets for the past year.

Sarah Hyland makeup hair 2015 SAG Awards face eyeshadow

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

We recently commented on how little control Sarah/Sarah’s makeup artist seemed to exercise over bronzer and contouring powders at the 30th annual Artios Awards. Sarah showed up looking like a very attractive, very shimmery pumpkin, which was less than a great look and actually made her look 10 years older. Fortunately, she kept it calmer at Sunday night’s SAG Awards and wound up looking radiant rather than radioactive. As you can see from these three photos of the most recent events Sarah’s attended, taking away a bit of the base makeup and all that frosty eyeshadow makes a huge difference:

Sarah Hyland bad makeup

(Photos:; Getty Images)

Concentrating on actually enhancing her features by letting them shine through the makeup keeps Sarah from looking like she’s in a child beauty pageant while also giving her a glamorous look for the red carpet. Both she and her costar Ariel Winter stood out without stunting their looks via tons of makeup–good job, young lovely stars!

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 It is absolutely possible to contour your face well, and some people manage to do it wonderfully. However, using advanced techniques like these takes skill and practice, but above all, restraint; using too much will always look ridiculous and never, ever flattering. When it comes to using that extra bit of bronzer, if you’re in doubt, go without–you’ll thank us later when all your tagged photos don’t look like behind-the-scenes pics from Willy Wonka.