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Everyone talks a lot about how amazing Sarah Jessica Parker‘s wardrobe is, but we cannot forget about her hair. Over the years, SJP has played around with her hair. It’s been short, super long, brunette and and blonde. And sometimes she accessorizes with a crazy hat. Plus, Carrie Bradshaw‘s hair evolution on Sex and the City is as much a part of the show as her outfits or her relationships with the girls and Big. Sarah also likes to switch up her hair texture. When she embraces her curls, she gives us curly-haired girls so much hair inspiration.

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Take a look at 12 Sarah Jessica Parker curly hair looks you need to try:

1. Curled Ends, 2015Sarah Jessica Parker attends the Re-Opening Night of 'It's Only A Play'  at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on January 23, 2014 in New York City.

This soft style is the one Sarah is favoring at the moment. The curls start just below her ears to add a bit of volume to the ends. Plus, her color is the perfect mix of brunette and blonde.

2. Soft Ringlets, 2005Sarah Jessica Parker

The curls have been straightened and formed into ringlets for this look, but they are still just as shiny. Don’t be surprised if this was the photo that was Olivia Palermo‘s hair inspiration for when she was on The City.

3. Soft and Full Curls, 200880369370ED019_The_Cinema_So

The short-sleeved pink blazer with yellow brooch is fabulous, but we cannot ignore that hair. It’s the perfect mix of texture and volume. SJP’s hair looks so thick. It’s no surprise that she scored herself a Garnier contract.

4. Bob, 2002Actor Sarah Jessica Parker arriving at the after-party to celebrate Broderick and Lane's final performance in the musical, "The Producers," at Ruby Foo's restaurant in New York City, March 17, 2002. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Who says that curly-haired girls can’t pull off short hair? Sarah’s blonde bob is fun and effortless. The shorter style really enhances her natural curl. This is the sort of wash-and-go haircut that everybody wants.

5. Half-Up Hairstyle, 2004Sarah Jessica Parker

Whether her hair is all down, up or half-up, it always looks good. Those two face-framing tendrils are flawless. This is actually a very easy look to create. Pull the top layers of your hair back into a bun, except for two pieces. Mist with hairspray, and you’re good to go.

Click the next page to see of Sarah Jessica Parker’s flawless curly hairstyle! 6. Straight Roots With Curly Ends, 2002Sarah Jessica Parker (Photo by Tom Kingston/WireImage)

Remember when Carrie rocked this look on SATC? Straightening just part of your hair can have a huge impact on your look. It is particularly effective with Sarah’s choppy bob.

7. Brushed Back Curls, 2009Sarah Jessica Parker Pushed Back Curls

We all have a tendency to push all of our hair forward when we are styling it. Pushing it the opposite way can create a whole new vibe. SJP brushed her soft waves off one shoulder and onto the other. It really suited the side-parted style.

8. Side-Parted Bob, 2001Actress Sarah Jessica Parker at the "Wonder Of The World" opening night after-party at Brasserie 8 1/2 in New York City. 11/01/2001.  Photo: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect

Never forget about what simply changing your part can do. Sarah is sporting another short bob here. However, this time she has a side part and the curls are slightly relaxed. The result is a look that blends modern with retro.

9. Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 Curls, 2009Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw

Here’s another one of Carrie Bradshaw’s great hair moments. This one comes courtesy of Sex and the City 2. The slightly off-center part with the face-framing, honey blonde curls is effortless.

10. Curly Side Ponytail, 2003Sarah Jessica Parker in a Yves St Laurent dress (Photo by Gregory Pace/FilmMagic)

Looking for a bit of updo inspiration? Try this side ponytail. The pony is a lot easier than pulling off SJP’s statement blue eyeshadow. However, if you want to give that a go too, try it. Blue eyeshadow is a massive trend for spring.

11. Long and Blonde Curls, 2011124153332SB009_I_Don_t_Know

This is Victoria’s Secret model hair. It is long, blonde and it has megawatt shine. Each curl is defined but they do not look crispy. This is the modern version of crimped hair.

12. Mega Texture, 2003Sarah Jessica Parker Texture

You’ve got great natural hair texture that a lot of people would kill to have, so you might as well embrace it. Grab some sea salt spray and scrunch away to get a voluminous look a la SJP.

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