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Remember Sarah Stage, the pregnant lingerie model whose selfie showing off her six-pack abs at eight months pregnant went viral? Well, she’s back, and she’s just 10 days away from her due date. Naturally, she celebrated by posting a new picture of herself in the mirror for her 1.4 million Instagram followers. Behold her amazing cell phone cover newest selfie:

Sarah Stage 9 months pregnant abs underwear Instagram selfie

(Photo: Sarah Stage/Instagram)

Sarah captioned the photo, “10 days until we meet <3 #BabyJames.” Now, whether or not she’s going down the Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds path by naming a baby girl “James” is unclear, but regardless, it is always wonderful to see the excitement of a parent about their upcoming baby.

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Of course, just as all pregnant women seem to deal with, Sarah has faced criticism for her figure. People have body shamed her for staying relatively thin throughout her pregnancy, but just as it’s ridiculous to insult a pregnant woman for being “too big,” it’s not okay to insult Sarah for her size. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if we all just celebrated (or at the very least, left alone) pregnant women and their bodies?

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