Vanity Table
Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel

It’s just a peek but I had just finished fixing my newly renovated room yesterday and I had decided to take some photos. I wanted to test out the light. Interestingly, after fixing my new wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, the next part of the room I had wanted to organise was my old vanity table.

The vanity table was inherited from my mum. I love it for it’s massive mirror and dainty cushioned matching stool. I had it re-painted to match the rest of the room’s furnishings. It still looks pretty aged (esp the mirror) but my feelings remain unchanged. I just can’t think of replacing it. Probably cuz I haven’t found one that can match or, better, succeed it.

I love how my makeup and other things that satisfy my vanity sitting on top of it, arranged and all. Comparing the memory of what I had used before, a makeshift vanity “area” on top of an unused bar counter back in my old flat.

Feels good to have everything falling into its rightful place. My beauty stuff now has a proper home! Yay!

Hope you guys enjoyed a peek into my small beauty world. Will you show me yours? Send a photo over and I’d love to feature it!

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