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The posters for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier seem to be a hack job of Scarlett Johansson‘s body, which is a disappointing but wholly unsurprising event. I understand that some Photoshopping is always going to happen nowadays, but this just makes Johansson look like a caricature of a human being.

Johansson’s having a rough week, given her highly publicized dispute with Oxfam over her partnership with SodaStream, and now she’s not even allowed to have her own human body. The main problem with the poster lies in Johansson’s waist, which is impossibly small. It’s not that it bears no resemblance to Johansson’s actual body, but that it bears no resemblance to an actual human body. Humans just aren’t built that way, and stripping Johansson of her actual body in some pursuit of sexiness is tired and fucked up. You know what’s sexy? Real women–and not in the exclusionary context of “real women have curves” or similar, but in the context of women who resemble humans and were not created on a computer.

It took me a few minutes to see why Twitter was exploding with anger, which is another example of how conditioned I have become and perceive digitally manipulated bodies as “normal.” Joanna Robinson pointed out that the Photoshopping is especially noticeable in the group poster.

I don’t know that “mentally deficient” is the right characterization (what does that even mean?), but her body does look completely unrealistic. It’s doubly frustrating that Johansson’s male costars are allowed to keep their proportions. I guess it’s okay for dudes to be humans. Then again, men also get to advertise something other than their bodies. Compare Johansson’s poster with those of Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson, and it’s a pretty obvious difference. It’d be really great to one day see a superhero movie where the girl just gets to be a superhero and not a sex object, too.

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Photos: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier