scarlett johansson red dazed cover

Surprising no one, Scarlett Johansson looks unbelievably gorgeous in her Dazed cover photos. If you’re curious, Huff Post Style got a sneak peak at ScarJo’s photo shoot for the magazine (which was formerly Dazed & Confused), and they even provided us with a quote from her accompanying interview. A confusing one.

See if you can make sense of this Scarlett soundbite, which is supposedly about how she deals with being objectified in the media:

How could I wake up every day and be a normal person if I was completely aware that my image was being manipulated on a global platform. How could I sleep? You have to have peace of mind. You’ve got to be able to protect those things. How else could you exist? You’d go crazy, anybody would go crazy.

Yeah, color me dazed. Is she trying to say that her image isn’t manipulated? Everyone knows that she’s an incredibly beautiful person even without makeup and a lighting team and Photoshop, but when you think of Scarlett Johansson, you obviously think of the super glammed up version. This quote must have been taken out of context. She seems too smart and cool to be so delusional about how much she benefits from having a team of experts who keep her looking flawless. (I’m also hoping this quote is out of context because it reminds me way too much of listening to people read their horrible poetry in college writing classes when they think they’re being very, very deep but they’re actually just not making sense.) Maybe she’s trying to say that it’s hard to sleep at night when she knows that her public image is unattainable and puts pressures on young women? Maybe she’s trying to say that it’s hard to be a “normal person” at all when you see such perfect versions of yourself on screens and in magazines? Maybe whoever transcribed this quote made a mistake and she’s actually saying the opposite of what it sounds like?

Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to sort out what she means when the issue debuts later this week– and here’s also hoping that the magazine will tell us where we can get that leather jacket and red lipstick from one of the cover photos.

Via Huff Post / Photo: Dazed