Lucky who? Lucky you? Lucky me?

At first glance, Scarlett Johansson looks as if she’s all there in the head. She’s talented, glamorous and appears to be an overall class act even in the face of drama. Remember that whole phone-hacking nonsense that confirmed that Johansson is just as gorgeous naked as we assumed she would be? But despite what we see on the surface, Johansson is clearly missing a screw or two.

Because her first tattoo wasn’t strange (read: ugly) enough, she decided she needed to get yet another one that would make the majority of people furrow, scowl, then Google “ScarJo crazy?”

While in Paris recently, Johansson hit up Fuzi Uvtpk‘s residency at Le Salon. Uvtpk, whose tattoo shop is in Perpignan (southern France), inked the actress with the above “LUCKY YOU” tattoo. At first glance, you immediately wonder if she let a friend’s kid draw the design that she had PERMANENTLY placed on her body. The next thought is to wonder if it’s some sort of ode to the good ol’ fashioned way of prison tattoos that really do look like they let some 13-year-old kid loose with the tattoo gun. But no worries, guys! It’s supposed to look like that. Get it? It’s irony!

The former graffiti artist created what he has called “ignorant style,” and that is what we see on Johansson’s ribcage. What is ignorant style? As his site explains it’s “an ironic twist and self-confident assertion,” and something that a “new worldwide generation of writers identified with,” turning it into an “artistic movement, much like Wildstyle in its time.” Well then.

So basically, it’s sort of like if Banksy opened a tattoo shop and started dolling out his artwork on the bodies of people — kind of? Granted Uvtpk isn’t as well-known as Banksy, but maybe that’s just because he shows his face so there’s no mystery involved? Or not.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?


Photo: Fuzi Uvtpk