If you’ve woken up hung over and have to, say, go in to work or meet some friends for brunch, you want to smell presentable but the last thing you want wafting into your nostrils is heavy, heady perfume. At the same time, you also don’t need some obnoxious, overzealous citrus trying to perk you up and make you smile (fuck you, citrus).

Allow me to introduce you to Taverns & The Hague, developed for Anthropologie by Caroline Sabas. The main scent is Oolong (like the tea), and while there are enough hints of orange and lemon in there to wake you drunk ass up, it’s not like you have some college cheerleader waving pom-poms in your face and entreating you to give god your glory glory. It’s a nice, pleasant wake-up, sharp enough to get you out of bed but gentle enough to not make you boot.

And perhaps more importantly, especially for those of you who might need to go into an office in this condition, the subtle freshness of the perfume would lead anyone passing by to believe that you had a full night’s sleep (in pajamas, no less), got up at a reasonable hour and greeted the morning over a nice cup of tea. In other words, you’ll smell like you should on a Tuesday, you drunken harlot.