Spring doesn’t always come as soon as we want it to. Sometimes there are long winters, and sometimes there’s actually kind of no distinction between the seasons at all (see: I live in L.A.). So when you want it to be spring, and you’re determined to make it happen yourself, why don’t you go ahead and check out L’eau de Chloe.

It’s basically everything you would expect in a fragrance promising spring: light florals, citrus, hints of rose. But this one also has a twist of lime, as in “limeaid,” as in, children’s springtime stands from which they sell things, indicating that the winter has come to an end. Besides, lime kind of wakes you up, like a bear after a long hibernation.

My final word about L’eau de Chloe is this — it’s surprisingly unique. Despite having all the ingredients that anyone looking to make a refreshing springtime fragrance might think to throw in there, it still retains a certain scent that suggests that you haven’t smelled it anywhere before.

Like a new springtime lover.

Go forth and procreate.