You know how some mornings, you wake up and all you want to do is enter into a world of denial? You just feel like, fuck every psychologist who tells you that it’s a poor coping mechanism, let’s just get out of bed and pretend that nothing at all ever is, has, or will be wrong with our lives.

For a scent that will help get you there, try Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. Even the name is evocative of a happy happy place, and you obviously can’t look at the bottle, with it’s giant daisy-shaped top, and do anything other than launch into a day-long game of make-believe. The fragrance itself is light and whimsical, mostly floral but with hints of nauseatingly joyous fruit, and a bare whiff of spritely citrus.

Honestly, spritz this on and it will be like you’re frolicking about as a five-year-old in a grown-up’s body, sort of like that one movie with Jennifer Garner, except without any adolescent angst.