You know when you’re walking down the street and you start thinking about when Lucy meets George in “A Room with a View,” and the next thing you know you’re imagining what your own life would be like if you spoke in an affected British accent, had a lady in waiting, and powdered your nose with an actual powder puff while sitting in front of a vanity and admiring your well-crafted jewelry every night before sitting down to a four-course dinner?

Well, there’s a scent for that. It’s by the clothing and beauty company Tocca, and it’s called Florence. The force gardenia is strong in this one, which always makes me thing of a grandma, but it’s tempered by jasmine, rose and even grapefruit and apple (what! grapefruit and apple?) to conjure up the musty-yet-sweet smell that we all naturally associate with the heavy wool clothing and dark, wood-encased rooms in period dramas.

Wear this perfume and I promise you your daydreams will get you at least five blocks without realizing you’ve gone that far.