One day, you might find yourself in New Jersey. While there, perhaps you will discover that you’re at the shore. What kind of fragrance, you will wonder in a panic, is appropriate for such a moment?

Obviously, you’ll want to stand out. You’ll want a fragrance evocative of both ocean breezes and Ferris wheels, of giant frozen daiquiris and short shorts, of flip flops and spray tans.

And that fragrance, ladies, should you ever need it, is Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia.

The advertisement for the scent features a woman on a beach, and certainly, there are overwhelming aquatic notes all throughout this loud, obnoxious perfume. It’s mixed with a slight whiff of the floral, as if to imply that the wearer is a delicate rose, but we all know that’s not true. The wearer of this perfume is going to go home and smush a perfect stranger after already having flashed the entire boardwalk when she fell down in a drunken stupor.

Because it’s that kind of summer.