Nothing says South Beach like Versace. But sometimes, you don’t just want to spend $10,000 on a dress, get your face pumped full of Botox, slather white-pink lipstick on your lips and wear all the bangles you own at one time. You want to actually smell like Versace, too.

And yes, the company has a long line of fragrances, but when you really want to close your eyes and pretend to be in the tackiest part of Miami, allow me to suggest Versace’s Yellow Diamonds. The name itself is evocative of the glut of gauche luxury that is South Beach, and the overpowering scent, the scent that says, “I have far more that I could ever need!” will make you feel like you fit right in.

Upon spraying Yellow Diamonds, we all at once experience citrus and flowers blending together, only to be followed up by some sort of woodsy number that kind of lodges the whole perfume in your nose, refusing to go away or even diminish, like a bad lip injection.

Honestly, the only way this perfume could possibly be more authentic is if it added undertones of tanning oil and bleach.