Perfume is lovely. It usually smells floral, or musky, or citrus-y, or something else that marketers have dubbed “girly.” But sometimes, when all you want to is grab your partner, throw them on the bed and ravage their physical person, you also want to smell like you mean it.

Enter “Gina: My Place or Yours,” by Benefit. The unambiguous name on the bottle does a good job of describing the heavy, woodsy scent contained therein. It comes on strong and smells a little like men’s cologne, but with enough of a hint of femininity that you won’t be mistaken for having splashed on a handful of Old Spice upon getting out of the shower (not that there’s anything wrong with that…we like aftershave, no matter who’s wearing it).

Admittedly, the perfume is so strong at first that it’s a little overwhelming, but let’s be real — this scent isn’t designed to accentuate your subtler personality traits.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t smell like a cookie, this is one of our favorite scents from the “Scent of the Week” series so far. It’s just that unusual.