When you’re on your way to participate in a sporting event — say dodgeball, or Bocce — you don’t want to give the impression that you’re dressed or otherwise coiffed the same way that you might be when on your way to the club.

You want to show that you can unwind, have fun and relax without worrying too much about how you appear to others. You want to seem low-maintenance; sporty, even, especially when you kind of aren’t.

That’s where ye olde standby Ralph Lauren comes in. Lauren has released a new series of fragrances called Big Pony for Women, and the one we’re going to talk about here is Big Pony Blue. Subtle but fresh, the perfume is reminiscent of the girls in middle school who would emerge from the locker room after gym having showered and changed into a fresh outfit, their hair washed, somehow looking invigorated and ready for seventh period even despite having just endured 45 minutes of enforced volleyball (aside: I was not one of those girls).

Yes, with it’s quiet mixture of citrus and tiny hint of sweetness, Big Pony Blue will allow you to hit the field and passably come across as more athletic than you are, at least insofar as how you smell.