Say you’re going on a picnic. You want to smell fresh and delicious, but not overbearing, because it’s a picnic. What scent do you choose?

Here’s a suggestion: Mûre et Musc by L’Artisan. The fragrance only has a few notes, so you won’t get all woozy when you inhale it, and your dining partner won’t be knocked off the blanket should the scent make its way over to him or her atop a light breeze. It begins with a crisp, musk-y smell, and by the time it’s had the chance to sink into your skin a bit, it’s reminiscent of blackberries (the very same fruit you may have packed in your basket).

In other words, it kind of smells like the way you hope your day is going to go: light, crisp and refreshing, followed by delicious.