You might well accuse me of buying into advertising for this, but let me tell you the truth: I hit Nordstrom on Saturday in a foul mood. My eyeliner had run out (I know), I’d been fighting with my fiancé, and a friend had canceled plans for that night.

I went to the Clinique counter to remedy the one situation that I could buy my way into feeling better about, and as I was waiting for what turned out to be the news that my eyeliner was out of stock, I spritzed on some Happy perfume. And it smelled like pure, fresh, dewey joy.

The fragrance starts out with a light citrus-y scent that’s reminiscent of summer and lemonade stands. It then goes floral, but young floral, not grandma floral. By the time I heard the news that I wouldn’t be able to replace my eyeliner, I was feeling jubilent enough because of the way my wrist now smelled that I almost didn’t care.