As a modern college student, you want to embody the perfect combination of studiousness and blossoming womanhood with your scent. You want something that says, “I am growing into myself; I am curious, yet strong; I am business, yet casual; and I am neither spring break hussy nor timid library mouse.”

For such a moment in time, allow me to suggest Ralph Lauren’s classic fragrance, Romance. The perfume’s clean, innocent, yet ever-so-slightly suggestive combination of florals and musk calls to mind young love blossoming on a spring day in the quad, as a gentle breeze blows through long hair that hasn’t been cut in months due to being in a new city and not having a good hairdresser.

The scent tells would-be suitors, “sweep me off my feet, but don’t take advantage of me.” Or as Britney Spears more eloquently put it, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.”