There are lots of perfumes out there that are clearly designed to rope someone else in. You’ve got your perfumes for when you’re on the rebound, for instance, or for when you’re on spring break.

But what about the days when all you want to do is sit around and smell your own wrist? Those days happen, and you know it. For that, there’s Valentino’s Valentina.

It’s hard to know exactly how to describe this perfume other than that it smells somehow personal. It’s soft and delicate, a little bit sweet and a little, tiny bit baby powder-y. It has hints of florals and of citrus, but just barely. It’s kind of like how you’d smell right after a shower, wrapped up all cozy in a blanket, with a fire and a movie on, if you smelled like you were wearing perfume at that very moment.

Or as they say in Jersey, just do you.