Sometimes, a woman goes a little crazy. Who knows why; maybe she was spurned by the love of her life, or maybe her children have all run off, or maybe that was just her destiny from a young age.

But whether you’re Miss Havisham or Edith Beale, you still need to smell good. And that’s where we welcome in Christian Dior’s Miss Dior.

The scent is at first evocative of all that is new and fresh in the world, with crisp floral and citrus notes hitting the olfactory glands upon initial sniff. But it soon turns musty; an incense-y type fragrance brings home the reminder that regardless of what kind of shenanigans the people beyond your gates might get up to, you, you ravishing beast, are still safely ensconced between your four walls, free from the burden of interacting, of judging, of being judged.

It’s a warm, cozy, stifling feeling, isn’t it?