For those of you who have been dreaming of getting married for your whole life (we don’t know you, but we’ve heard you’re out there) but haven’t yet found your mate, here’s some good news: you can still walk around smelling like a bride.

What does a bride smell like, you ask? Besides as pure as the driven snow? Well, according to perfumer Sarah Horowitz, who created the fragrance Perfect Veil, she smells like “clean, naked skin … only better.” The scent is designed to be reminiscent of a wedding day (hence, “veil”), and has notes of lemon, bergamot, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. And frankly, if this is what brides smell like, we’d like to be surrounded by those crazy bitches all day, because this shit smells good.

It’s soft and sweet and, as promised, clean, although it doesn’t smell anything like baked goods, for a change. Instead, it smells — do I dare say this? — sophisticated, a quality you do indeed hope people have achieved (at least emotionally) by the time they decide to permanently bind their lives to someone else’s. It’s not as fresh as I envisioned, but that’s because I imagine brides constantly traipsing about through fields of long, overflowing grass. (Have I just seen too many engagement and wedding photos in my lifetime? Probably.)

Anyway, I encourage you to enjoy this whether nuptials are, or will be, a part of your life or not. After all a grown woman can really only walk around smelling like a middle school-er for so long.