Sometimes, when you go to choose a fragrance, you’re not looking for aromatic bells and whistles. You just want to smell like you’ve bathed. You know — like a normal, clean person who also happens to smell very good. For that, my friends, I give you Escentric Molecules 01.

The Escentric Molecules line was devised by a Swedish perfumer named Geza Schoen, and what sets it apart is its high concentration of a single fragrance called “Iso E Super.” In fact, the perfume consists almost entirely of Iso E Super. What that means is that there aren’t eight million scents to sort through — there’s no beginning, middle and end, so there’s no need to pretentiously discuss what happens to this perfume over time like a crazed wine connoisseur who’s recently switched from analyzing grapes to analyzing humans.

Instead, the scent is (so) fresh and (so) clean, with a decidedly woodsy and grassy bent. But my favorite part of this perfume is that it really doesn’t smell like a perfume. It’s so natural — without having any of that hippie essential oil-ness to it — that it could pass for just the smell of your skin after bathing with a particularly high-end shower gel, or even as the result of spending the day outdoors. Which I almost never do, so it’s always good to be able to fake it.