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Yesterday I was in line at the drugstore behind a tween girl who was about to purchase what appeared to be every single Lip Smackers chapstick of all time. A powerful urge to smell all of them overcame me, so I left the line, marched right over to the beauty aisle, and proceeded to fill my basket up with my old faves (more on that later). The whole experience got  me thinking about the strange assortment ofscents I piled on as a kid—the scents we all piled on—and it got me feeling pretty nostalgic for the good old days. The following is a list of the 11 scents that carried us all through the late 90s and early 2000s:

1. Ralph by Ralph Lauren
ralph perfume

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Every single girl in my 7th grade class received a bottle of this for Christmas, myself included.

2. Clinique Happy

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If you weren’t wearing Ralph by Ralph Lauren, chances are you were rocking Happy by Clinique. With notes of apple, plum, and freesia, this was many a 13 year-old girl’s first signature scent.

3. Curious by Britney Spears


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Once I retired my Ralph Lauren perfume (AKA finished the entire bottle in three months), I moved on to this, the first (and best) scent by Britney Spears.

4. Calgon bath products


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Calgon took all of us away in the 90s. I had a Calgon body wash set that I hid in my bedroom instead of keeping in the shower because I was terrified my little sister would use even a drop of it.

5. Lip Smackers

lip smackers

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As a kid, you were nothing without your collection of Lip Smackers. I never left the house without my tubes of Dr. Pepper, Pink Lemonade, and Berry Heavenly—you never know when you’re going to be thrust into a game of Spin the Bottle!

6. The Original Herbal Essences shampooherbal

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Before there was Nicole Scherzinger, there was a woman screaming, “YES!” in the shower. That commercial changed lives, guys.

7. Cucumber Melon everything

cucumber melon

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This unlikely pairing made for a beautiful marriage in a bottle. You just know that Jennifer Love Hewitt smelled like cucumber melon in the 90s.

8. Vanilla everything

vanilla candle

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Your entire house smelled like one big vanilla candle, and you loved it.

9. Cherry ChapStick

cherry chapstick

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I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste of this stuff, but no other lip balm gave me a perfect red pout like Cherry ChapStick did.

10. CK One by Calvin Klein

ck one

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If you were cool enough to have a boyfriend in the 90s, then the two of you probably shared a bottle of this unisex fragrance.

11. Whatever Perfume Your Mom Wore 

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Absolutely nothing will take you  back to your childhood quicker than a whiff of the perfume your mom used to wear (my mom rocked Navy for Her by Dana all throughout the 90s).