So, Valentine’s Day is coming up. As in…the holiday we all love/love-to-hate/love again, and the sure-to-be-fabulous movie.

Scope Outlast

And I’ll tell you in a few days just how fabulous the movie is, because Scope Outlast is sending me out to LA to represent them at the star-studded Grauman’s Chinese Theater red carpet and premiere screening!

I’ll be tweeting…non-stop, and reporting on just how kissably close that makes the stars and starlets.

Why do I ALREADY love Scope Outlast? (Besides the obvious.) Outlast technology that binds tightly to select receptors in the mouth, that helps to create that cool, refreshing sensation that we crave. And makes us kissable. (Get it?) And that sensation lasts five times longer than brushing alone!

In, fact, kn a double-blinded study, 80% of mouthwash users felt fresh longer after using Scope Outlast versus brushing alone. That makes us smell and taste better – but also gives us the confidence to get a little closer.