Summer is almost officially here. Some people might be well into the summer vibes with their makeup and hair. If you’re looking for a way to increase the summer feelings with our manicure, you could try a bright nail polish. If you want to practice your nail art skills then you could try a shell manicure. Or you could do both. If you’re looking for some seashell inspiration, there are lots of ideas to choose from whether you want to try a 3D effect, freehand design, nail stamp or embellishment.

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Here are 13 pretty shell manicure ideas that have strong summer vibes:

1. Pink and White Shell Nails

Look at the 3D effect.


2. Shell Accent Nail and Turquoise Nails

For all the mermaids out there…


3. Pink Shell Nails

The best thing about these nails is the placement is supposed to be random.


4. Embellished Shell Nails

Look at the details on this.


5. Blue Shell Nails

NEWネイルは紫陽花のグラデーションCOLORを意識したシェルアート❤いつもの麻布十番オリエンタルネイルにて💅🏻✨持ってるのはParis在住の友くん蚤の市イベントで先日GETしたベネチアンガラスのネックレス✨今日してたら雰囲気合うからと撮影にアレンジしてみたよ✨😊✨今日もイメージ以上に素敵なネイルになって大満足😍晶いつもありがとう♥憂鬱な梅雨もお仕事多忙な毎日も可愛い爪見つめて頑張りま~す✨😊✨ #オリエンタルネイル #紫陽花ネイル #シェルネイル #大判シェルネイル #orientalnail #shellnails #nailart #ジェルネイル #麻布十番ネイルサロン

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Look at those colors.


6. Starfish and Shells

Under the sea.


7. Gold-Tipped Shell Manicure

This is a classic manicure with a twist.


8. Shell and Marble Nail Art

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected combinations. This is proof shell and marble nails do go together.


9. Shell And Gold Stripe Manicure

This is a more abstract take on the trend.


10. Shells and Beaches

Are you transported?


11. Shell Accent Nail

The touch of gold takes things to the next level.


12. Pink Shell Accent Nails

The shell accent nails really pop against the traditional painted nails.


13. Multicolored Shell Nails

We have a shell effect and shell charms.