cutest selfie ever

Whether you think they’re ruining society by encouraging vanity or promoting self-love and confidence, I think it’s safe to say that selfies are here to stay. If you find yourself posing for your iPhone or Photo Booth on the regular, it might be time to invest in some new apps to improve your selfie game– but before you go making one-dollar purchases in the App Store all willy-nilly, check out our rundown of five apps that will surely improve your pics… and five that’ll make them worse.

First, let’s focus on the bad. Don’t download any of these unless you know what you’re getting yourself into.

1. Skinneepix. This one gives you the option to shave off five, ten, or fifteen pounds from your photos, which is only a great idea if you want to look like a poorly-Photoshopped mutant. Probably best to skip this one.

2. FaceTune. This one has some positives to it– it gives you the ability to airbrush away your blemishes and smooth down your hair, and who’s to say that’s a bad thing? The only problem is that people tend to get carried away with morphing themselves into slightly different shapes, and we don’t want another Kim Kardashian booty scandal.

3. Perfect365. This app lets you put makeup on your photos in post-production, which is totally fun and reminiscent of those old Barbie computer games that came on CD-Rom. Just don’t try to pass off the finished products as bare-faced selfies, because they always look super fake.

4. Cat Selfie. I LOVE the idea of this one, but the actual results are disappointing. A little dot appears on your phone that your kitty simply must chase around with her paw, and when she makes contact with the screen, it snaps a picture. It’s supposed to result in photos that look like your cat’s arm is outstretched because she’s holding the phone out herself, but in actuality, it just makes for unflattering up-the-chin photos of yourself with a furry blur next to you.

5. Snapchat. You can be the most beautiful person on the planet, but there’s something about Snapchat that has the power to force us all to make the ugliest faces possible. It’s impossible to resist.

she knows what she's doing

But wait! Before you go thinking that the whole world of apps is out to get you, check out these five that will seriously up your selfie game.

1. Face Swap! Switch faces with your dog. Switch faces with Miley Cyrus. Switch faces with the indents in your kneecap that the app sometimes recognizes as human facial features. Never a dull moment.

2. PicFrame. This baby allows you to combine multiple photos into a cute little collage. Use it for before-and-after shots when you’re getting ready to go out, or use it to present all the pics from your birthday party in one neat little package.

3. CamMe. This one uses senses movement, so you don’t need to be holding your phone to get the picture. Just pose in front of it, wave your hand, and bam. The perfect selfie, minus the outstretched arm.

4. Everyday. You take a picture of yourself every day for as long as you want, and the app helps you make them into a timelapse video. Want to document your growing pregnancy belly, your healing scab, or your changing makeup looks from day to day? This is perfect.

5. Instagram. This one seems obvious, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list. Name one person who doesn’t look better under Valencia. You can’t.

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