Remember when furry nails appeared on the runways during Fashion Month? And remember how that later spawned the fuzzy (and very divisive) Grinch nails trend? Well, there’s a new unique manicure and it involves using hair to create “selfie” nail art. Yeah.

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That’s right, if you thought furry nails were out there, we’ve now evolved into hair nails. However, it’s not beauty bloggers who are championing the look. (Yet.) Dain Yoon, an illusionist artist actually developed the look as part of her art. She has previously gone viral for her amazing surrealist illusions that involve her using makeup and paints on her body and face to create mesmerizing results.

Let my hair grow here #selfnailart 머리가 자란다 painted all by myself @designdain

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This time, she posted the “hair nails” on Instagram as part of her selfie nail art. Each one of her nails had a realistic drawing of her face, complete with a long “head of hair.”

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Dain later took to Twitter to say that many people have told her that she should delete the photos before they become a new trend. It might actually be too late for that because the nails have started to go viral.

Say hi?? to Dain1, Dain2, Dain3, Dain4… painted all by myself @designdain ?

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It remains to be seem whether hair nails will become a major nail trend like shattered glass nails or even pompom nails but we’re sure that selfie nails could become a nail trend given our love of #selfies. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see how many people are going to add hair to their nails or whether they’ll prefer a “hairless” look.