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Kanebo Sensai Brush Concealer: Treatment Makeup

SENSAI Concealer is enriched with Kanzo (licorice) Extract, a traditional medicinal herb taken from the root of the licorice plant and used to gently soothe blemishes and help prevent irritation. A second key component is Moistened Powder, a unique powder pre-moistened and coated with oil that helps to retain the natural oil in the skin. Silk Extract—prevents moisture loss and allows for a smooth application—and Weightless Glow Factor, is an exquisite, feather-like powder with thin, flat granules which provide smooth coverage and which cause light to reflect evenly off your face. The Concealer also now includes the exclusive Koishimaru Silk Extract which provides superior moisturizing to the skin. Koishimaru Silk was once only reserved for the Imperial Family of Japan, Kanebo was granted the rights to work with this precious fiber.

Received word that this brush-type concealer is coming next month. They claim that they’ve re-engineered this makeup to help better reverse the signs of aging. Certainly caught my attention. I’ve always been intrigued with Kanebo and checking out the unique features, the brush-on applicator and pen-like design, peaked my curiosity even more. I reckon it’s built for easy application and mobility. I’m not sure if it’ll be too bulky compared to the usual tubes or pots that concealers usually come in.

As far as I’ve learned about the product, it contains moisturising ingredients that quickly gets absorbed by the skin, gently moisturising and nourishing it. The Weightless Glow Factor is evenly distributed, uniformly reflecting light, making the skin radiant. And the Moisture Powder acts as a veil for oil and excess moisture.

What is Treatment Makeup? Moisturizing and cosmetic ingredients are applied to the skin in fine layers to achieve a soft dewy complexion and a flawless finish. Water and Silk are layered much the way a fine kimono is layered in Japan. Makeup products are infused with the skincare research, exclusive ingredients and knowledge Kanebo is renowned for.

As much as I want to promise that I’d feature this product in my Eastern Experiments series, I can’t. We’ll see if we can get a sample so we can see whether it can actually deliver.

This brush concealer is part of the NEW Foundation Series of Kanebo.

Scheduled to launch in August, the NEW Foundation Series has been developed with the acclaimed Japanese make-up artist Hisano Komine. Based in Paris, France since 1996 she has produced looks for fashion houses on runways in Paris and Milan and been featured in numerous fashion publications in Europe.

The NEW Foundation Series includes:

* Smoothing Water Make-Up Base deeply hydrates and smoothes the skin preparing it for foundation application. (SRP: $45)

* Fluid Finish Foundation, moisturizing foundation contains a high amount of water which enables it to provide a veil of moisture to the skin (9 shades). (SRP: $50)

* Loose Powder (translucent) finishes the look with extremely fine, feathery-light translucent powder with a delicate tint, appropriate for all skin tones. (SRP: $60)

* A re-formulated version of the Brush Type Concealer with ingredients such as Kanzu Extract and Weightless Skin Glow. (SRP: $33)

If any of you guys get to try this product out, do let me us know. We’d love to hear your experience and to see if this is worth the buy.

Image: evins communications, ltd

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