Discovering the SENSAI SILK line has made me realise just how important cleansing and moisture are to our skin. Aging is, after all, one thing we cannot control. It will happen. No one is excused from it. The best we can do is how we can age gracefully. And it terms of our skin, we ought to consider the important things.

I’m certain that there are other skincare options out there but for now, since I’ve come across one that presents a good argument, I’d like to feature what this brand is offering. Boslter skin’s defences, minimise corrective action later, and preservation of youthful skin; firmness of skin. I’m certain we all find wrinkles, lines and sagging cumbersome to manage.

So here are a couple of treatment sets that will probably teach us how to do just that.

SENSAI-Silk-Basic-Treatment Set | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty Blog

SENSAI SILK Basic Treatment Set

The SENSAI SILK Basic Treatment Set gives you a complete kit of essential items to begin your anti-ageing programme from today. It features a bestselling cream and a lotion for “Double Moisturising” and a special edition sheet mask fro extra care. Because proper cleansing is paramount for keeping your skin in optimal condition, we have also included two items for “Double Cleansing”.

The SENSAI SILK Basic Treatment Set includes the following: Softening Lotion (Moist), Smoothing Cream, Sheet Mask, SENSAI Silky Purifying Cleansing Cream, and SENSAI Silky Purifying Creamy Soap.

The lotion, with its comforting formulation, infuses the skin with moisture and counters harmful elements. The gentle formulation, together with a light and airy texture, of the smoothing cream offers quick relief to adverse skin reactions and irritations. The sheet mask is made of 30% silk and 70% cotton. The mask can be saturated with the moist lotion for added effect. The cleansing cream is fit for all skin types and has a silky texture that’s easy to rinse off. The creamy soap is formulated for normal to dry skin and combination types of skin. It has a silky texture and foams generously.

SENSAI-Silk-Special-Treatment Set | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty Blog

SENSAI SILK Special Treatment Set

The SENSAI SILK Special Treatment Set targets one of the most visible signs of early ageing: loss of firmness. The kit contains an intensive 14-day anti-sagging treatment in its original size, as well as a lotion and emulsion for “Double Moisturising”.

This three-item set leaves your skin looking firmer in just 14 days while introducing you to SENSAI “Double Moisturising” — a routine that will serve you for a lifetime.

The SENSAI SILK Special Treatment Set includes the following: 2 Weeks Night Firming Essence, Softening Lotion (Moist), and Emulsion (Moist).

The 14-day treatment will help form an ideally metabolised surface membrane that will boost moisture retention and stress resistance. It will give you a smooth, resilient skin. The lotion is similar to the one in the Basic Treatment Set. The emulsion has been formulated to be absorbed quickly and feel luxurious when applied. It will visibly improve firmness, brightness and softness.

There are other products included in the line. From brightening creams and awakening essences to eye creams and masks. It certainly feels like there’s quite a number of things one ought to do and use in order to take care of the skin. I feel just aged a bit by just thinking about it. Ah, well. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun in the process, right?

That’s why it’s good to try out sets that will serve as a guide on how to do just that. It’ll help establish a routine that will show us how and what things will work. Along the way we can continue with the same brand or switch to another one that gives us better results.

Exploring the products of SENSAI SILK should be real interesting. I wonder if I’d get an opportunity to try it out. I sure could use a bit of help cuz I just learned that I already have fine lines near my hair line!

Anyway, if any of you beauties have tried this product out, do let us know if it’s really effective! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

And for ones who are interested to get some SENSAI SILK here are a few listings I found online:

Kanebo Sensai Silk Softening Lotion – Light $48.50
Kanebo Sensai Silk Emulsion – Light $63
Kanebo Sensai Silk 10 Minutes Relaxing Mask £38.00
Sensai Silk Peeling Powder $60
Kanebo – Sensai Silk – Two Weeks Night Firming Essence $80
Sensai Silk Smoothing Cream £56

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