sephora beauty boardHave you ever lamented the fact that there’s really no where you can go to be told what makeup to buy (aside from women’s magazines, beauty blogs, beauty vlogs, and pinterest)? If so, you’re in luck because Sephora has got you covered. The French beauty chain just launched Beauty Board. It’s a new social media part of their website that will tell you what makeup you need to buy from Sephora in order achieve certain makeup looks. It’s a perfect combination of mindless consumption and vanity.

Think of Sephora’s Beauty Board as a Pinterest for your face because that’s seriously exactly what it is. Refinery29 refers to this new social media endeavor as “a shoppable inspiration site with real-life ladies (and a few choice celebs) giving you the dirt on their products and techniques — so you can achieve magazine-worthy hair, nails, and makeup, too” which is a pretty apt description of the interface and it’s function. Sephora’s BB seems pretty user friendly and is probably wicked fun if you’re a makeup head. It seems pretty superfluous, but it will make people spend more time and money on

Even though I can’t see myself ever uploading my own selfies to the Beauty Board, I can see why it’s vaguely useful. Not only is it convenient to be able to buy items from a look you’d like to mimic, but it can make shopping smarter a little easier. The site allows potential shoppers to see the way products look on real humans before committing to a purchase.

Briefly glancing at the site, I noticed that there are a lot of cute ladies telling you how to replicate their smoky eye, cat eyeliner, nail art and statement lips. Some users are also posting pictures of perfumes they like, which is useless because it’s not like the computers can emit tiny samples of perfume for internet users to test (even though that would be freaking awesome).