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Calling all wannabe mermaids: Sephora Collection has launched a new Ocean Crush range featuring gorgeous mermaid beauty tools you’ll want to make room in your makeup bag for.

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Themed makeup brushes have become as popular as highlighters. Sephora Collection has released the Ocean Crush Fan Brush Set ($39) to make your collection a little more magical. The set has a value of $65 but you can snag it for almost have the price. The set includes beautiful fan-shaped brushes for all features. Each of the brushes a has turquoise handle that transitions to a purple ferrule through a gradient seashell design. The synthetic brush heads are flecked with purple and turquoise bristles for a sharp finish. All of the brushes come in a seashell-printed box. The brushes include: a powder brush, a highlighter brush, a concealer brush a shadow brush and a smudge brush.

sephora ocean crush

Next up are some themed makeup blenders. There are a range of makeup blenders to choose from, but we haven’t seen as many themed ones. The collection could be the start of the trend. The Sephora Collection Ocean Crush Sponge Set ($12) features two peach seashell-shaped sponges. They can be used to apply cream and liquid makeup for a flawless finish. The ridged conch shell design also allows you to apply makeup to small and large areas of the face.

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Lastly, there are three sparkling mermaid accessories to round out the collection. For a safe spot to keep all of your mermaid beauty products there are three rose gold cases, the Ocean Crush The Overpacker ($38), a travel case with multiple pockets and compartments; the Ocean Crush The Minimalist ($22), a double-sided clutch with one sparkly side and one faux leather side; and the Ocean Crush Pouch ($20) and rounded makeup bag that’s roomy enough to hold your essentials.

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You can shop the entire Sephora Collection Ocean Crush range at Sephora.

(Photos: Sephora)