If you’ve been following the Sephora Collection Instagram account the last few days, you will know that things that been even more pink than usual. The brand started teasing us a week ago with millennial pink images referencing karaoke and boombox. More recently, it was revealed that all of the pink was for the brand’s new Barbie collaboration.

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We’ve had a few Barbie collaborations in fashion and beauty, but you’re still going to be excited for the Sephora Collection Barbie collaboration because it’s 80s themed. Don’t worry, they’re not referencing some of the questionable beauty trends of the decade like blue eyeshadow and streaky blush. The collection is focusing boomboxes and all of the pale pink.

The Sephora Collection x Barbie range includes mascara, eyeliner a miniature eyeshadow palette and a hat(!). As you probably expected, the packaging has plenty of Insta appeal. For example, the palette comes in a pale pink case with winking eyes.

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All of the items in the Sephora Collection Barbie Kit come in a keepsake boombox box. It’s retro, cute, edgy and guaranteed to earn the collection plenty of fans.

The collection has dropped in a variety of European stores and online including those in Spain, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. The bad news is that there is no word of whether it’s coming to the USA. There are reports that it’s exclusive to Europe. We’ll keep you updated with more details and we’ll be crossing our fingers it will be a worldwide launch.