When it comes to our beauty products, we want them to look as good in the package as they do when they’re applied. You can blame our Instagram obsession or the fact that we want to make our vanities look as pretty as possible. That’s why we are excited for the Sephora x Moschino beauty collaboration because it oozes cuteness thanks to its teddy bear-themed packages.

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If you’ve been excitedly waiting for the makeup collaboration, you will know that there has been a bit of drama involved. The Sephora x Moschino range was originally supposed to drop on August 11, but it ended up getting pushed back by a week at the last minute. Sephora issued an apology on Instagram over it, nevertheless, the bears are finally arriving tomorrow. And the collection was definitely worth the wait.

The limited-edition collection includes six-bear themed pieces including a highlighter, eyeshadow palette and lip gloss. The eyeshadow palette is shaped like a black and white Moschino shopping bag while the highlighter duo is in a gold bear compact. Other adorable items in the range include a fuzzy bear eye mask and gold makeup brushes with little teddy bear heads on the end of the handles.

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Best of all, the beauty collaboration doesn’t cost as much as a Moschino bag. The collection ranges from $18 for the eyeshadow palette to $54 for the makeup brushes. Our advice: Be ready to shop when the collection launches on August 18 because these bears aren’t going to be around long.

The Sephora x Moschino makeup collaboration will launch on August 18.