Sephora Pantone MakeupAt the end of every year, Pantone, aka the color authority, announces their Color of the Year for the upcoming year. For 2016, for the first time ever, we were treated to not one, but two colors: Serenity (cool tranquil blue) and Rose Quartz (warm rose) were selected as the key shades. If you are wondering how to wear the trendy colors, Sephora has you covered in the makeup department. They’re launching their Sephora+Pantone Universe Color of the Year 2016 makeup collection.

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Sephora and Pantone have collaborated together on numerous Color of the Year collections. They did a collection for the 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, and for the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. (If you hurry, you can still pick up a few Marsala items online at Sephora!)

For their 2016 collab, Sephora and Pantone are releasing an eyeshadow palette, two matte lipsticks in each Color of the Year, and a lip gloss set. The collection doesn’t just feature Serenity and Rose Quartz; it also includes other trendy, complimentary shades. If you’re unsure about wearing pastels, there are some brights in there for you, too. The prices range from $18 for one of the lipsticks to $39 for the eyeshadow palette, so nothing is too far beyond typical Sephora prices.

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Take a look at the collection:

1. Modern Watercolors Eye Palette ($39, Sephora+Pantone Universe)

Sephora Pantone Palette

See, it isn’t just about soothing Rose Quartz and Serenity—there are some brights in the collection too! This palette contains 24 different eyeshadows that you can mix-and-match. There is a collection of matte and shimmery shades so you can create a multitude of different looks with it. Plus, check out how pretty the packaging is:

Sephora Pantone Palette Closed

Very soothing, right?

2. Color of the Year Matte Lipstick in Serenity ($18, Sephora+Pantone Universe)Sephora Pantone Serenity Lipstick

This is the lipstick that everyone who is a fan of unconventional lip colors will get. Note that this isn’t a sheer pastel, it is a bold, pigment-packed blue. Mix it with other shades or wear it straight from the bullet.

3. Color of the Year Matte Lipstick in Rose Quartz ($18, Sephora+Pantone Universe)Sephora Pantone Rose Quartz Lipstick

Of course you couldn’t have one Color of the Year lipstick without the other. Rose Quartz is the more wearable of the two. Wear this one to the office and save Serenity for when you’re off. Also, can we just admire how pretty the ombre packaging is for a moment?

4. Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set ($28, Sephora+Pantone Universe)

Sephora Pantone Lip Gloss Set

This set is great for all lip gloss lovers. It has some interesting shades that you probably do not have in your collection. Furthermore, it is a great price at $28. In addition to Rose Quartz and Serenity, the other colors are Cantaloupe, Fox Glove, Pale Banana and Sunlit Allium.

Are you excited yet? The Sephora+Pantone Universe Color of the Year 2016 collection isn’t available just yet. It launches later in the month. You can sign up on the Sephora website to be notified of the launch. Until then, you can figure out what Rose Quartz and Serenity makeup look to try first.

The Sephora+Pantone Universe Color of the Year 2016 collection will launch later this month. Sign up at Sephora to be notified when it becomes available!