There is a mask for pretty much every skin care concern. There are ones for brightening, hydrating and targeting fine lines and spots. What you might not have considered is using a mask to calm skin after being out in the sun all day (beach trip, anyone?). Well, Sephora has clearly thought of it because it has launched the Watermelon After Sun Mask ($5).

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Sephora showed off the new sheet mask on Instagram at the end of May. If you didn’t notice it when you were doing your last few mask hauls, you will want to pick it up next time because it’s going to be a summer essential. Sephora reports that the mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s described as “cooling bio-cellulose mask for the face and décolleté that takes care of sun-exposed skin and prolongs a sun-kissed glow.”

watermelon apres skin

That’s right, it’s still a sheet mask. There is one traditional sheet mask for the face and one for the décolleté. Both masks are meant to be applied to clean, dry skin. Like a lot of other sheet masks, the after-sun masks are meant to be left on for 15 minutes. When the time is up, there’s no need to rinse off the watermelon extract-rich essence.

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We all know what happens to skin when we get burned, but sometimes the affects of the sun’s powerful rays aren’t as obvious when we’re protecting with sunscreen. A day at the beach or pool can still zap moisture from skin and leave it irritated, if not burned bright red. The mask will help restore skin’s balance. Try one after your next beach day trip and see if you notice a difference.

(Photo: Sephora)