There are countless makeup collaborations, but fragrance ones aren’t as common. If you’re a perfume lover, you’ll likely be thrilled to hear that Sephora has partnered with cult perfume brand Kilian to launch an exclusive My Kind Of Love collection filled with intriguing scents.

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Kilian is a luxurious fragrance brand created by Kilian Hennessy that has the tagline “perfume as an art.” The intriguing scents and packaging definitely live up to the philosophy. In terms of the new collection, Kilian has created four unique fragrances inspired by young lovers. Sephora describes them as “a truth or dare to love in your very own way.” Kilian himself stated, “I wanted to create the solution to all of lovers’ quarrels with a fragrance to end all fighting.” Hello.

These are a far cry from your typical romatic Valentine’s Day fragrances. For one thing, they’re launching in August. They’re sexy, chic and have unexpected notes. The range includes two eau de parfums sizes and and a smaller travel-size spray version. The travel sprays cost $30 while the 1.0 oz EDP will set you back $75 and the 3.4 oz costs $135. The collection includes: Princess, Kissing, Boys and Adults.

Princess is a warm and spicy gourmand scent with notes of marshmallow, green tea and ginger. Kissing is a warm floral with notes of hot milk, lily of the valley and sugar candy. Boys is a fresh woodsy citrus with notes of cedarwood, cinnamon and cola. Finally, Adults is another warm and sweet gourmand perfume containing notes of cedarwood, fig milk and vanilla.

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And we need to discuss the packaging. All of the eau de parfums are created in chic geometric bottles with a rounded top and square base with a unique message attached. It’s also applied in a unique manner. Sephora explains, “Grab its weighted sphere on top, turn tradition upside down, and remove the bottom square pedestal for spritzing instant sex appeal.”

Want to add some more spice into your fragrance wardrobe? The Kilian My Kind Of Love collection is available to shop now exclusively at Sephora.