The best holiday gifts appeal to our specific tastes whether you adore collecting lip products or you love anything related to Mean Girls. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you probably want a magical gift. If you’ve already got your wand, you will want to add the Seven&Six Harry Potter-Inspired Bath Bomb Set ($30) to your list. To quote Ron Weasley, it is bloody brilliant.

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POPSUGAR reported about the Etsy seller’s amazing set. If you think that one bath bomb is amazing, this set takes things to another level because it brings together some of our favorite moments from Harry Potter and puts them in a bath-friendly format.


The description for the bath bomb reads, “Still waiting for your Hogwarts Acceptance letter? Well wait no more, this Harry Potter Inspired Bath Bomb Gift Set is the perfect gift to make your childhood dreams come true and leave you feeling magical!” How incredible does that sound?

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Each of the bath bomb gift sets is individually made and comes in an Owl Mail keepsake box. Inside the box, there are some incredible goodies including a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a lightning bold bracelet on a card swearing that you’re up to no good, and Egyptian cotton towel tied in a gold ribbon. When it comes to the actual bath products, there are bath crystals, bath oils and a dragon egg-like bath bomb that fans will remember from Harry moment in the bath with a dragon egg.


We cannot guarantee that using the bath set will actually snag you a place at Hogwarts, but it will probably be a magical experience.

(Photos: Etsy/Seven&Six)