mila kunis body cream

Have you seen Mila Kunis‘s sexy, glistening skin in Esquire and thought “if I pay enough for a product – specifically $120 – I will look exactly like that?” You are an idiot. Or at least, the British skin care company Rodial thinks you are an idiot. Our friends at the Observer explain:

The Advertising Standards Authority, the U.K.’s industry watchdog group, objected to the ad after it received a complaint by somebody who concluded that it is impossible to get Ms. Kunis’s figure from a bottle. The company claimed that the “information” it provided was based on two ingredients in what would surely be a miracle product.


But the ASA did not buy that claim. And wanted to stop a susceptible British public from buying the cream.


“Because robust evidence was not presented to demonstrate the implied efficacy claims for the product or that Mila Kunis had achieved the look featured in the photo as a result of using the product, we concluded that the ad was misleading,” the ASA told The Guardian.

Of course, any advertisement implicitly promises a better life. That’s why they work. They are supposed to make you feel like if you buy a certain item, you will be sexy, or beloved, or happy, or whatever it is you want to be. But there’s a difference between suggesting that and actually saying the transformation will happen.

There is nothing crueler than false hope. You will never look like Mila Kunis. Die alone.

Picture via Rodial via NY Observer