There are a lot of hair color trends to choose from. But, the number of options is narrowed down considerably if you’re after a low-maintenance hair color. Ombre has long been the hair color of choice for people who wanted a pretty hair color but didn’t want to keep running to the salon. If you’re looking for something else, shadow hair is a hair color trend to know about.

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Shadow, or shadow tone hair as it’s sometimes called, is a technique where some well-placed darker pieces are placed in the middle part of the hair lengths to create a shadow effect. This gives hair more dimension, making it look fuller. No, it’s not limited to gray and black hair. Any base hair color can be used with the effect, but the preference is towards natural hair colors as opposed to rainbow looks.

Refinery29 points out that the technique is similar to lowlights and it can be applied with a brush or where the colorist “paints” the hair using the palms of the hands.
Some could try it at home, but be aware that it’s tricky to get the placement of the “shadow” and the color right. You want it to look natural, not like a blob of dye is in the middle of your head. That’s why it’s often better to have an expert do it because he/she can see the natural fall of light and shadow on your head.

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A quick scroll on Instagram will show you that there are hundreds of options of shadow tone hair, if you’re in need of inspiration. There are plenty of photos to save for your hair appointment whether your hair is blonde, brunette, short, long, straight or curly.