Shailene Woodley Garlic(GIF: Tumblr)

Shailene Woodley is known for a lot of different things. She is recognized for her great acting skills (hello Golden Globes nomination), her funky red carpet style and for making everyone cry bucket loads in The Fault in Our Stars. Shailene is also known for her holistic health and beauty tips. Shailene is a nature girl and her tips aren’t the sort of things that you see when you’re scrolling through Pinterest on your lunch break. Some of the things Shailene does may leave some people scratching their head but if they work for her, why not give them a try?

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Here are 8 holistic health and beauty tips we learned from Shailene Woodley:

1. Make your own toothpaste out of clay.

Shailene skips the regular minty toothpaste from the drugstore and makes her own out of safe clays such as bentonite or zeolite, with coconut water and a few drops of essential oils. According to an interview she gave with InStyle, if you use good quality oils, you can actually swallow your toothpaste. FYI: Shailene’s favorites are from Living Libations.

2. Oil pulling helps give you a better smile.

Oil pulling is a technique you can do in the morning in addition to brushing your teeth. It involves swirling oil around in your mouth and spitting it out. Shailene prefers to do it with seasame oil but says coconut oil also works. The benefit is that the oil helps remove the plaque on your teeth because plaque is fat-soluble.

3. Beets make a great lip stain.

Shailene enjoys snacking on beets but also likes to roast them. Then when they are cool, she applies them to her lips for a natural lip stain. If you have ever accidentally spilled beet soup on your outfit, you will know how well they stain, so imagine the long-lasting color on your lips.

4. Eating clay is actually great for your health.

This goes along with the swallowing your clay toothpaste lesson, and it is actually something Shailene found out from an African can driver. She told Into The Gloss, that clay is beneficial because your body doen’t absorb it. (Remember to choose a safe type.) It has a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes, and clean metals out of your body. Warning: You may start to smell like metals when you first start eating it.

5. Wash your hair less.

The no poo movement is something that has been gaining momentum in the last few years, and other celebrities have also supported it. With her shorter hair, Shailene claims that she washes her hair about once a month. She does like to keep it nourished with coconut oil.

6. Make your own deodorant.

Shailene makes a lot of her cosmetics and is also a fan of a DIY deodorant. She told InStyle her regular recipe features arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil and a mix of essential oils.

7. Take pleasure in looking after your skin.

Shailene takes a low-maintenance approach to wearing makeup on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look after her skin. She uses a 100% natural cleanser made from sea buckhorn from Living Libations. Shailene enjoys the process of cleansing her face at the end of the day and finds it grounding. She follows up her cleanse with reading a book or writing in her journal while sipping a cup of tea, according to Interview.

8. Consume mushroom chaga powder on a daily basis.

Shailene has said that she always has a crockpot of this mushroom tea brewing. She openly admitted during an interview with Vulture that it tastes like dirt but she likes the taste of it. Plus, the powder has great antioxidant properties. You can mix it into other drinks too if you aren’t a fan of the taste of dirt.