There is a themed manicure for everything. You can prove how much you love Loki with an Avengers manicure and you can declare your loyalty to your favorite Game Of Thrones house with sigil nail art. It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of fin-tastic (sorry) manicures to commemorate Shark Week. You can recreate the iconic Jaws poster, or try a less menacing cartoon shark mani. And don’t stop with your nails. To go full-on shark-themed remember to grab some shark accessories and spray yourself with a few squirts of the Shark by Tara Reid perfume. Then you can add some salt spray to your hair à la Sharknado. You won’t need to fish for any compliments then.

To begin, put on your Jaws DVD, and try one of these 20 shark-themed manicures:

1. Shark Fin

Shark Fin Nail Art

A shark fin deserves its own nail, given that sharks’ fins are seen more often than sharks’ faces. (Which is probably a good thing.)

2. Shark Mouth

Shark Mouth

This manicure confirmed what we all thought–sharks do whiten their teeth, just like us.

3. Jaws 2

Jaws 2 Nail Art

I won’t judge if you did a double take with this one; the pointy, stiletto manicure makes those sharks look pretty darn real.

4. Shark Jumping

Shark Jumping Nail Art

The crisp blue sky and swirling sea almost make this look like a picturesque scene–if it wasn’t for the huge shark jumping out of the water.

5. Massive Shark

Massive Shark Nail ARt

If you’re trying to scare people, one massive shark is better than five tiny ones.

6. Angry Shark 

Jaws Nail Art

I still find the face of this shark scary, and it is made out of nail polish. The blood splattered design doesn’t help alleviate my fears much.

7. Swimmer

Swimmer Shark Nail Art

I wouldn’t recommend filing your nails into different shapes, but it does work well in this scene. Watch out, swimmer!

8. Fish Bones Fish Bone Nail Art

If you’re going for a shark-themed manicure, it’s probably best to draw the line at fish bones. No human ones, or sharks attacking people/animals please.

9. Shark In WavesWhite Shark Nail Art

These have to be nail decals because this manicure is so detailed that it rivals a photograph.

10. Shark Silhouettes Shark Silhouettes Nail Art

Great white sharks are popular, but remember there are other varieties as well. Adding a rainbow background makes them seem less scary.

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11. Shark DetailsShark In Water Nail Art

This cheery nail art almost makes sharks appear as nice as dolphins–if you ignore the close-up of the shark’s mouth.

12. Sparkly SharkSparkly Shart Nail Art

I love how they used shimmery silver nail polish for the shark over a black background, as opposed to the expected ocean blue. It looks like he’s glistening in the water in the moonlight.

13. Bloody WaterBloody Water Shark Nail Art

If you fancy shark attack nail art, here it is. I think I’ll pass on this, for fear it would bring me bad karma.

14. Sharks UnderwaterSharks Underwater Nail Art

Let’s play name the different types of shark in this nail art. There’s a great white shark…and….

15. Shark JawsShark Jaws Nail Art

Is it weird to call nail art where a fish is about to get eaten cute? I thought so.

16. Grinning SharkGrinning Shark Nail ARt

What a nice sunset. As for the shark, I really don’t like the way he is looking at me. That is one heck of an expression. [Insert shark’s thoughts here.]

17. Shark Mouth TipsShark Mouth Tuips Nail Art

This is an easy one for nail art newbies. For an easier (and less scary) version, don’t paint the sharks with open mouths.

18. Friends Not FoodShark Friends Not Food

This is so sweet. The sharks look like they’re laughing. I was wrong to judge you after all of the documentaries and Jaws movies.

19. Sharks And PatternShark Zig Zag Nail Art

I’m not sure if there is a direct connection between the geometric pattern and the shark nails, but I like this mix.

20. JawsJaws Nail Art 1Why bother painstakingly doodling waves when you can just use a sparkly top coat? You need to focus 100% on recreating the Jaws poster.