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Sure, shaving seems like an easy, convenient, quick way to remove hair…because it is. Shaving isn’t fool proof though; a number of things can go wrong—razor burn, missed spots, the occasional nick. Here are some tips to getting the best shave possible:

  1. Exfoliate frequently and gently and always before, never after shaving. Using a rough loofah on freshy shaved skin will irritate it.
  2. Make sure your hair and the skin is wet. Do not shave dry EVER.  Soak for a few minutes, the moisture will soften the hair, which will make shaving easier.
  3. Use a good, clean razor and change blades regularly. The difference between a fresh blade and a manky, dully, clogged, gross old razor is serious. One will give you soft, smooth, skin and the other will, at best, give you major razor burn and a few cuts. A quality razor makes a huge difference. You don’t need any insane, vibrating, titanium, space razor, something cute and simple like BIC Soleil razors will be more than enough.
  4. Use an emollient shaving cream or gel (avoid anything irritating or drying), the product will help the razor glide over skin without damaging it.
  5. Go against the growth
  6. Shave at night. Shaving temporarily makes your legs more sensitive (you’re removing one of its defenses with a blade…) by shaving at night, you give your skin a chance to recover.
  7. Calm and hydrate skin- apply a calming lotion or aftershave to re-moisturize skin and calm any irritation caused by the shave.

Enjoy your smooth skin!

This post is sponsored by BIC Soleil razors.