victorias secret angels karlie kloss

Why are people hating on Karlie Kloss‘s short hair? She is beautiful. She looks excellent. She could be entirely bald and she would look like some kind of earth angel. However, people seem very displeased about the bob she’s sporting in this new Victoria’s Secret video.

Look, I think she looks amazing. And I think short hair can be sexy, because I think sex appeal has more to do with a person and their confidence that their haircut. However, over on Fashin:

karlie kloss hair

Well, suffice to say over on Fashin people do not agree with me! They do not agree with me at all, as the post is titled “one of these things is not like the other.” I imagine that’s Karlie, and her short haircut, though, frankly, it is a little confusing since everyone is a gorgeous supermodel, so they actually are all alike. But it seems they mean Karlie.

Why do you think people don’t find short hair sexy? I’ll give you long hair is good for pulling in bed, but I don’t think everyone is into pulling hair/having their hair pulled. Is it because you could use a woman’s long hair to drag her back to your cave in caveman times? That is not something we really think of as sexy right now. Most people find that pretty unappealing.

So, I’m not sure why people have decided that even if you have the face and body of a supermodel, you are somehow not sexy enough unless your hair is long. This is absurd. Let’s all go hack off our hair right now.

Picture via WENN