Please enjoy this selection from a series of scissor wielding selfies I just took in a secluded work area.

A few months ago, I confessed my desire to chop off my hair over at Well, sound the alarm because THE TIME HAS COME! Despite my friends’ continued well-meaning trepidation about my upcoming cut, I am so beyond excited for this (also quick shout out to all the wonderful and encouraging comments that the Gurl readers left for me).

The glaring issue is that I have thought zero about what happens before and after I sit down in my stylist’s chair. I haven’t really given any serious thought to what kind of super short haircut I want, nor have I considered the potential day-to-day upkeep. I just can’t see beyond that rush when I hear scissors cutting into hair and watching it all spill over the floor. (Insert cackle here)

This is why I seek all of your help. I just came up with a list of questions that I probably should figure out before I show up for my scheduled haircut on December 3. Help me please?

What specific style do I want?
This is probably the biggest one, as while I know I want short hair, I have no idea what that exactly should look like. I should reiterate that when I say “short” I mean pixie length. I’ve done the chin-length bob thing many times before, so I want this to be a drastic short. The only other real requirement is that it somehow has a pop culture spin (so based off a celebrity or character). Sam recently put together this ranking of celebrity short haircuts, which has sparked my very limited brainstorming.

Do I model my hair after my longtime favorite actress, Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder short hair in Girl Interrupted

Photo: Girl, Interrupted

Or my new favorite person on Earth, Jennifer Lawrence?

Credit: Patrick Hoffmann/

Credit: Patrick Hoffmann/

Maybe someone else? I don’t know. Can you figure out a celebrity I should consider and let me know if their hair will look good on my head?!? My face is above if that helps.

What kind of products should I plan on buying?
My current hair routine is zero. Okay, sometimes I put in conditioner or a de-frizz thing, but that’s about it. I assume I will need to adjust this routine, but how?!

How often will I need to get haircuts?
I haven’t cut my hair in a while now, so staying up to date with haircuts has fallen off my radar. Also, is there a way I can get these haircuts cheaper since I will have less hair to cut? I have a feeling that isn’t how haircuts work, but there’s no such thing as a stupid question I’ve been told.

Do I need to take my giant glasses into consideration?
While I do have contacts, I tend to wear my big glasses on the reg. Should this affect my style choice?

I really like my eyebrows.
This is obviously not a question, just something I thought you should know because I figure I can show them off with short hair rather than behind my bangs that I tend to leave at what I call “sheepdog length.”

Where do I donate my long hair?
I’m probably cutting off a good 12+ inches so I would love to donate it. I’ve heard that some organizations have a less stellar track record than others, so I would like to know what places you think do it right.

What is the growing it out process like?
I know I am probably putting the cart before the horse here, but since I love mixing up my hairstyle, I know no matter how much I love my short haircut I will eventually want another change. I should be prepared for what happens.

What have I not thought of?
I am sure I am missing something. Any and all advice would be much appreciated and my tresses thank you in advance. I am totally up for trying anything! All I ask is that someone please respond like Amy March when I unveil the final cut, because despite being a total diss, the reference would be hilarious to my Little Women loving self.