Between my allergies and my semi-reliable sleep patterns, my beauty scourge is always my undereye circles. I’ve gone through my share of concealers, but I always ended up looking like I had slightly-paler-than-my-actual-skin pockets under my eyes. White eyeliner along the bottom of my eye helped a bit, but I hate putting on eye makeup when I can barely even get my eyes to open, or if they’re still red and puffy from a bad night’s sleep. Enter First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller. In a very cutely designed metal container slightly bigger than the average lipstick, the product is a metal ball that you moisten and then roll along your your dark circles. I found the idea of rolling a ball along my undereye area sort of an odd prospect, but the fact that it was cool to the touch was actually quite soothing. Even though it’s not hot out yet, feeling something cold on my skin really made me feel like I was doing something, even if I wasn’t.

In addition to stuff like peptides and witch hazel, the product contains caffeine, a “vascoconstrictor” (is that a kind of snake?) that “constricts the fine blood vessels that cause dark under eye circles.” Since I don’t drink coffee, I liked the idea of somehow waking myself up via caffeine without actually having to drink the stuff. (Granted, the thought of smearing coffee grinds under my eyes and making football-player-type smears was kind of hilarious.) After two weeks of using the eye roller, I definitely noticed a change in my undereye circles. The dark circles started to lighten, and – the really important part – because I wasn’t using makeup, I didn’t get any irritation or redness like I did so many mornings while fumbling around with concealer before I’d completely woken up. Since the eye roller is hypoallergenic, it didn’t inflame my eyes. All in all, I think it’s a net win. And the container fits snugly into my makeup bag, which is a bonus. And it’s way, way cheaper than developing a Starbucks addiction.