We’re loving the style on people like Jennifer Aniston (even if it is affecting her love life) but aren’t sure whether to commit to one ourselves. Hairstylist Sam Brocato offers some fantastic advice on the pros and cons:

1) Proportion is everything. Height, weight, body proportion, ength of neck and face shape. It all matters. But the bob is very forgiving if the length is right.

2) For petite girls like Victoria Beckham a shorter more angular shape works really well. Conversely, this advice won’t cut it on someone with different proportions.

3) Any texture can bob, even the finest hair. The caveat? If you have very fine hair you must opt for a chop at or around the hairline with a blunt cut in the back.

4) You’re going to need a haircut every 8 to 10 weeks if you’re committing to a bob.

5) Bobbed hair needs shine not grease. Keep it fresh with a deep cleansing Broacato peppermint scrub, and use Big Easy dry shampoo to make it last.

6) A well cut bob needs very few tools. A simple round or oval blow dry brush suffices.