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Some people cannot get enough of their lipsticks, other would do anything to find a great new skin care product. You on the other hand, are obsessed with your flat iron. You religiously straighten your hair. You love sleeping in, but you will gladly set your alarm a bit early so you can do your hair. Your flat iron is your baby and you worry about it almost as much as other bigger problems in your life. How many times do you leave the house and wonder whether you unplugged it?

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These are the signs that you are definitely addicted to your flat iron:

1. You have very strong opinions about what flat iron you think is best.Downton Abbey Wrong

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If you are talking to another flat iron addict, things can get pretty intense. After long research sessions and endless trials, you have discovered what brand of flat iron is the best. You know the exact size you prefer and what plates give you the straightest, shiniest mane. If someone disagrees with you, things can get heated.

2. You shed a few tears when your last flat iron broke.James Van Der Beek Crying

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It wasn’t just the fact that your flat iron broke when the warranty had already expired. It was the fact that it broke in the first place. How could your flat iron let you down like that? You had to wear your hair in a bun that day because you didn’t have time to run out to the store to get a new one. You were not happy about it.

3. You do not even need a mirror to use your flat iron.Mad Skils GIF

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You have straightened your hair so many times that you could do it blindfolded. That includes applying heat protection spray and using a comb. You don’t mean to brag, but you could straighten and curl your hair without looking.

4. You swear by the mini, on-the-go flat irons.Dying

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Some people write them off as gimmicks. They say, “Why would you need a portable flat iron when you already straightened you hair before you left the house?” You think that they are lifesavers. You keep one in your purse. You have been known to pull it out on the train.

5. You sometimes straighten your hair multiple times in one day.OITNB Boo

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You know it isn’t the best thing to do to your mane, but sometimes it needs to be done. If there is heat or humidity, your pin-straight locks can get a bit frizzy. You need to tame them again and another quick iron is the way to do it.

6. Discovering that you missed a piece of your mane after flat ironing your hair has almost ruined your day.3 Face Palm

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It is so annoying. Argh. You are a a master at using your flat iron, so how could this happen? The absolute worst thing is when someone points it out to you and picks up a piece of curly hair on the back of your head for you to see.

7. When planning a trip, one of your main concerns is whether there will be a spot to plug in your flat iron. Tim-Gunn-Concerned

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Yes, it is important tot find an affordable hotel that isn’t in a dodgy area. However, it is also very important to know what their electrical outlets are like. Can you plug in your flat iron without worrying that it is going to blow up? Going without it isn’t an option.

8. You use your flat iron no matter what.Never Gif Up

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It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, you are going to use your flat iron. You have been known to use your flat iron even when you had a cold and fever. You still had to go to work, so why shouldn’t your hair look nice?

9. The amount of money you have spent on flat irons in your lifetime so far could have bought you an okay used car.Money

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It’s not your fault. If your flat irons didn’t keep breaking, you wouldn’t have to keep buying them. Plus, you do need to have a few options. They are investment pieces in your regimen. It’s not like you’re going to toss them away when the next trendy thing comes along.