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It seems like most of the world has an eyebrow obsession. All you need to do is look at the number of brow product launches or the number of posts dedicated to eyebrows on Instagram. It seems like there are at least three new products that are released every week that promise to give us flawless arches. On top of that, there seems to be a new bold brow trend causing a buzz on a weekly basis. If you cannot get enough of it, and you’re actually hoping for more, you’re part of the brow-loving club.

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These are more signs that you’re obsessed with all things related to brows:

1. You know that all brown eyebrow pencils and waxes are not created equal.

You could have a lengthy discussion about the different tones of browns and what ones are the best to use on your brows and what ones you need to stay away from.

2. You spend at least 10 minutes plucking your brows every day.

Maintaining their flawless shape is key.

3. Your usual brow look requires at least five products.

Some might call it high maintenance, but you consider all those products essentials. Your brows would not be the same without those two pencils, wax, spoolie brush, brow gel, brow mascara, brow cream and brow fibers.

4. You have a Pinterest folder called “Brow inspiration.”

And it has at least 100 photos of gorgeous brows in it. #BrowsonFleek

5. You still have nightmares about that time you suffered a bad brow wax.

Your friends and family know to never, ever bring up that experience. It was a dark time.

6. You would put almost anything on your brows to make them grow.

…And you’ve already tried a lot of things. Bring on the castor oil, coconut oil, lemons, and potatoes. Nothing is too weird or too rare.

7. You own more brow products than lipsticks.

Come to think of it, you own more brow products than lipsticks and nail polishes combined…

8. You find bad brow days worse than bad hair days.

You cannot cover up your brows with a hat like you can your hair.

9. You’re currently working on coming up with your own viral brow trend.

Dragon brows and barbed wire brows are already taken so you’re trying to come up with something good. And you’ve already spent a few hours in front of the mirror trying to do it.

10. You would pay any sum and travel any distance to get a celebrity brow waxer to do you brows.

Who can I call to arrange this? Please and thank you.